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What’s next?


How to BOOK Mikaya Dionne Enterprises for your event:


Once you've reviewed your proposal and you'd like to proceed, HERE ARE THE NEXT STEPS YOU SHOULD TAKE:



 In a reply to the original email thread, simply signify your interest in booking services for your date with Mikaya!



- Once you reply with your YES, you may proceed by clicking the document button below to complete your contract.

- After completing and forwarding your contract, please submit the designated retainer fee listed on your contract by clicking the button below. *Services and dates are not secure until both contract AND retainer fee is received.


Both the contract and services retainer are required to secure your date. If you have any issues during the contract or deposit completion process, please do not hesitate to contact Mikaya at any time.



Once your contract AND retainer fee has been submitted, you'll receive an appointment confirmation for both your trial (if requested) and wedding ceremony date(s).  


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