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Bald Heads Matter: Taking Care of The Skin on Your Crown

Whether you're bald by choice or force it's important to know that proper skincare for your head can make or break your experience with your bald experience (trust me... I know). I've been a bald woman for well over 2 decades and after the initial excitement and/or shock of my new found look I knew I needed to at least keep things smooth up there. That hasn't been difficult for me since I don't grow hair anymore up there, but for some this journey can be challenging. So, here are a few key tips to keep things smooth, protected and looking good on the dome:

  1. CLEANSE: It's a MUST that the skin on your head/your scalp stays clean! Unclean scalp can lead to clogged hair follicles, excessive oiliness and even infections. When considering a cleanser, remember your scalp is now an extension of your face. If you're still able to grow hair you can opt for a shampoo, but just make sure it's a hydrating shampoo. If you have no intentions on ever growing hair again it's recommended you choose a cleanser for the face... not the body. Remember... your scalp is now an extension of your face. Particularly, I recommend a cleanser with salicylic acid in it to help exfoliate the skin, control oil and reduce shine.

  2. MOISTURIZE: You should hydrate the skin on your head just as you would on your face. However, keep it light. Especially if the hair you HAD was oily or you know you have oily skin. Choosing heavy moisturizera can clog and suffocate your pores which could trigger excess sweating, shine, or even pimples. None of those are attractive on a bald head. Either use a designated bald-head hydrator, or a facial moisturizer to get the job done.

  3. PROTECT: Use your SPF! It's more important now than ever to incorporate SPF. Your head is now completely exposed to sunlight and trust me when I say... you do not want to experience sunburn on your head. It's the WORST! Either find a moisturizer that has spf in it already or get a facial spf to use on your head.

  4. EXFOLIATE: This is another very important factor especially to help keep the skin texture smooth and consistent as well as preventing breakouts. A good scalp scrub also goes a long way in removing dead skin and preventing clogged pores, as well as significantly lowers the chances of dandruff and fungal proliferation. An easy way would be to simply use a brush with your cleanser.

  5. Keep that shine down! For some, a smooth shiny head is their goal, but if you're in front of cameras or shine isn't your thing, definitely get your hands on one of the best mattifying products on the market- Mary Kay Oil Mattifier. It's a lightweight serum type product that instantly blurs and absorbs shine.

It doesn't matter if you're apart of the bald club for life, by force or by choice... you're here. Not having hair does not give you a free pass, it simply changes the rules. I hope these tips help you along your BALD LIFE journey! #GetYourGlambitionUp

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