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Get Out Yo Feelings!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Quote by Mikaya Dionne- "Get out of your feelings and focus on reality. Tap into your faith. Tap into the vision."
Get Out Of Your Feelings And Focus On Reality

By now you all know that COVID-19 has the entire world in an uproar and times are certainly different. People are uncertain about what the future holds or, heck what the current day may bring as things are updating and changing daily. Business owners are working to try and find their way to stay relevant, stay visual and trying to keep their income stable during a time NO ONE could've prepared for.

These last few days I've battled feeling of anxiety, feeling lost, confused, wondering if I'm truly giving my all, but at the same time having so many creative ideas, yet feeling stagnant and paralyzed by all the uncertainties. The negative energy stemmed from one email that an iTunes payment had failed, which meant money was low. Not that I didn't know it already, but the notification sent me into a panic and I began questioning systems that I was once confident in. Like- what more could I be doing to help people and help myself? Or- how can I monetize this situation so that the anxiety of an empty bank account would no longer be a worry.

Truth is... I lost focus. I began to question EVERYTHING I'd been doing that was already helping people and blessing my family financially, too. A common thread in this series of events though, is my feelings. Sometimes feelings don't actually represent our reality. One of my husband's most repeated phrases is "Get out of your feelings" hit me dead in the face. He reminded me to stop focusing on the feelings and focus on what is real. I AM helping people, I AM blessing my family, I AM doing all the things I said I wanted to accomplish EVEN during this trying time.

I'd vented through a transparent post to ladies in my Facebook group and many of them encouraged me to simply be silent, write, take a breather, and reminded me that I was enough. Back to back... I was reminded of my purpose to inspire, empower and help women present their best selves. Yes, weddings that were on the books for months have been cancelled... yes consultations and client shopping appointments have been cancelled, yes makeup applications have been suspended, but I STILL have the opportunity AND the platform to continue my work of helping women flourish and achieve their best potential.

So, I decided to sit down and write this VERY transparent piece to spread that same encouragement even further.

You see, anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. That feeling of worry has a way of causing uncertain outcomes to turn into definite (usually negative) outcomes in our heads. We begin to develop the worst case scenarios and we become paralyzed by fear of something we conjured in our own mind. It's a slippery slope and can quickly spiral. I know because I've been there before, but these feelings are the very opposite of what our faith SHOULD reflect. We often buy into the feelings of anxiety about what isn't going right and forget about what IS. We'll make irrational decisions based on feelings which usually leads us nowhere. That's why faith and feelings simply can't work!

"We can't be in faith and in our feelings, too."
Quote by Mikaya Dionne- "We can't be in faith and in our feelings, too."
We Cant Be In Faith & In Our Feelings, Too.

I encourage you to stay the course. Remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH. This is not a sob story, but hopefully it's received as a reminder to get out of your feelings and get into reality. A reminder to tap back into your faith. Tap back into the vision.

I, you, WE were called to transform the world. If we become stagnant, others miss out on what we have to offer. I'm praying for every reader, follower, friend and family member. We will get through this stronger, wiser, more innovative and thrive like never before, but only if we shift our focus and make the pivot from feelings to faith. Continue to walk in GLAMBITION, my friends. ✌🏾💖

Quote By Mikaya Dionne- "Make The Pivot From Feelings To Faith."
Make The Pivot From Feelings To Faith

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