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Glambition Roundup: Work From Home Wardrobe

Welcome to our new normal! Yep! We've all become work-from-homers and as much as we'd love to, that doesn't automatically mean we can lay around in our pajamas all day. A few months ago we were all choosing outfits according to the weather, what was on our calendars, our current location, etc, but now that's not the case. Of course since we're at home, it'd be wonderful to lounge around in pajamas all day, but that may not be the best look logging into that virtual meeting you've got coming up today!

The other perspective, though, is that what we wear can affect our mood and productivity. Therefore, you want to be sure what you're wearing sets the tone for what you want out of your day. Unless you've planned a "Netflix & chill" day and work is not on the schedule, you've got to get up and look like you want something more from your day. Our brains are pretty sophisticated and even the smallest things such as what clothes we choose to wear can affect our mindsets and what we're able to achieve. Hence why some schools and even jobs have a uniform policy.

When you're home, though, you're constantly feeling like you want to just be comfy and just chill. The midday nap temptation, Netflix marathons in the background, and back and forth trips to the kitchen can interrupt that whole productive mindset. In my experience from operating a home business, well before the quarantine relegated us to our homes, I found early on that I needed to create a pattern of discipline or I'd get stuck in the mind frame of lounge activity rather than work. Apart of that discipline for me was creating a routine of activities to promote a work day of productivity. I needed to feel professional and presentable to actually be productive. If that means waking up and dressing for the things I wanted to accomplish.. so be it!

Yes! Even clothes can play a role in how we work. That's why I've come up with this #GlambitionRoundup list of my favorite clothing items that are casual, chic, work worthy, yet still comfortable and stylish.

Let's jump right in!

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1. Motivational Printed T-Shirt

A plain t-shirt is always a staple for any type of wardrobe, but shirts with empowering phrases on them help me feel empowered, too so they're a plus for working from home. They also make a great conversation piece when they're spotted during virtual work sessions. You can dress them up with a blazer and cute accessories or dress them down with leggings, but it's definitely a staple for any kind of wardrobe for me.

2. Oversized or Casual Blazers

Blazers should already be a staple in your work wardrobe, but casual more laid back style blazers are a must for me working from home. They may not be something I keep on throughout my day, but if I know I have a virtual meeting with an important client, I'll keep it close by to throw on just before I log on to amp up my look. Oversized blazers can easily be paired with a t-shirt or even as a contrast to a dainty blouse top. Casual blazers are ones with less structure to them and are a lot more breathable compared to the traditional blazer.

3. Comfortable Pants

I don't know about you, but comfortable pants is a must when you're planning to sit in front of a desk all day. I like to opt for pants like distressed jeans that give a little, or pants with elastic waistbands, but still fashion forward AND non-restricting.

4. Cute, Dainty Tops & Blouses

Choose from hi-low tops, casual dress tops with accents or blouses with multi colors, florals or even mock turtleneck tanks (in season of course). These tops are easy going, yet professionally presentable for any work day. Pair them easily with your other comfy pieces to turn it up just a notch.

5. Chic, Fun & Comfy Dresses

Something about a dress makes me feel extra feminine and confident! Dresses are always a great idea! Maybe? Maybe not, but they're definitely easy when you've overslept for that 9am Zoom call and it's 8:45am! They're low maintenance, cute and QUICK! With options from hi-low styles and maxi dresses to floral print and flowy, to t-shirt dresses with pockets... its definitely one of the most versatile work from home wardrobe pieces around.

6. Cozy, Chic Jumpsuits

I love, love LOVE a good comfy jumpsuit. One that has pockets, lots of room for movement and good feeling fabric is a GO for me. It may even be too comfortable to get into a work state of mind, but I'll pull on my super power boss-ness to keep me focused. 🤞🏽

7. Dainty, Comfortable Accessories

Even though we're aiming for comfort, it's always good to express a little personality. That's what accessories do. They help us add a little pizazz to our ensemble. For work at home, though, I recommend choosing accessories that aren't too bulky, don't make a lot of noise and pieces that add just the right amount of sparkle. I love a good pair of simple hoops, cute studs, long chain necklaces, small stacked bracelets and faux frames to enhance my look a bit.

8. Comfy Socks, Slides, Slippers or Sandals

Working from home usually doesn't require shoes, or anything on your feet for that matter, so these are optional. I'm personally not a fan of walking barefoot in the house because I hate my feet being cold or touching the bare floor, so here's a few options if you're like me:

9.Oversized Sweaters, Cardigans & Ponchos

I'm ALWAYS cold, so I keep something near by to keep me warm so I'm not burning the rest of my household members by adjusting the AC. Lol

Cardigans & Ponchos are great for layering throughout the day. Oversized sweaters can either be worn layered over a cute top or actually as a top paired with comfortable bottoms during the colder seasons.

10. Comfortable, Natural Fresh Face Makeup

This isn't a must, but if you feel up to it or have virtual meetings on your schedule, then go for it! I'm a sucker for the natural face and maybe amp it up with a pop of color on the lips or in my waterline. No need to go over the top.. just a Quick, Easy, Flawless Face with a Pop of Color. Click to see my video on how to achieve this look or book your 1on1 Virtual Tutorial to learn to apply your makeup for a natural everyday look.


And there ya have it! I hope this has inspired you to #GetYourGlambitionUp and boost your productivity by dressing the part. Let me know in the comments if you'll be dressing up a little more from home! Share this with your friends who may need it, too!

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