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Cover Girl Queen Collection Vox Box Product Review + Demo PLUS Full Face Tutorial

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Hi Beauties! Every now and then I'm asked to review products that are sent to me complimentary in exchange for a review (whether positive or negative). As a makeup artist, image consultant and beauty enthusiast I like to stay abreast of the latest products and this is a great way to do it. And who doesn't like FREE Makeup? So, I always oblige and I'm VERY honest (sometimes brutally honest) about how the products perform.

This month I was asked to review products from the new Covergirl Queen Collection line by Influenster in their Covergirl Queen Collection Vox Box. In the box I received the Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation in the shade "Warm Caramel", Covergirl Queen Collection False Lash Drama Mascara in "Very Black" and finally the Covergirl Queen Collection Stay Luscious Lipstick in the color "Passion". I've sent in my reviews for each product to the company as requested, however since I want to give you guys the inside scoop I'll let you all know what my thoughts are.

Color: I wasn't completely in LOVE with the color simply because it was too dark for me to use as a foundation shade, but I made it work and used it as a contour shade. As a contour shade I absolutely loved it! Especially if I'm going for a more natural, subtle contour.

Application: I typically use cream foundations or concealers to contour instead of liquid, but for the sake of the review I used it for this purpose and it was SUPER easy to blend in and left a very smooth finish.

Pass or Fail: PASS! I'll definitely be adding this product to my arsenal. In fact I'm going to find the correct shade for my complexion and add it to my foundation rotation.

Color: I like my mascara in the deepest shade of black as they come, so the color was GREAT!

Application: Let me tell you! I have a thing for mascaras that come with tiny, slender wands that are able to catch my small "barely there" lashes and bring them to life. So, just about ANY mascara with that type of wand will get my vote. The formula was very smooth and easy to apply without drying too fast. I also noticed that it has long- wearing capability. I wore it for about 9 hours and no smudging, running nor did it make my lashes feel hard and crunchy.

Pass or Fail: PASS! This will be added to my collection as well!

Color: OMG... this color is AMAZING!!! Very rarely do I find a satin finish lipstick with a rich color payoff. The color isn't a true red, but it closely resembles red, yet with a pink- ish undertone.

Application: The lipstick applied beautifully as it has a very creamy texture. The texture may have something to do wit my only negative review of this product which is the fact that it rubs off VERY easily. I found my self noticing I had lipstick on everything and needed to re-apply about 3 times throughout the day. I'm not very big on having to re- apply ANY makeup after I'm finished simply because- AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Pass or Fail: I will still give this product a pass, however I unless they improve the formula or release a matte version of the color(s) I most likely will not be purchasing this product.

I hope my reviews and this demo + full face tutorial will help you in your decision to add these to your makeup stash! Happy shopping! ;-)

*You too can get free products for testing... Check it out for yourself by visiting Influenster!

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