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5 Double Duty Makeup Tips & Tricks

Low on time and looking to lug less in your makeup bag? Get the scoop on making your favorite makeup items work double time!

In the true spirit of mompreneurship I’m always looking for ways to cut down on the time it takes me to get ready so I can focus on more important things like fighting with my 6 year old twins about the importance of wearing pants or adding more sleep to my schedule. 🤦🏽‍♀️🥴🤣

As a woman, you know how much time we can spend in front of the mirror. Makeup, hair and wardrobe can be extremely time consuming, but over the years I’ve found a few tips and tricks to make my cosmetic products work double duty so that I can cut down on steps.

Here are 5 products and tricks that can be used for multiple steps in your makeup routine. Let's jump right in!

Brows filled and sculpted by Mikaya Dionne

  1. When using concealer to sculpt your brows, drag and blend the concealer all the way down onto the entire eyelid to double as an eyeshadow primer for more natural/everyday eyeshadow looks. I wouldn’t recommend for more colorful or dramatic eyeshadow looks as those will require a white base or primer to help your shadows pop, but this top could definitely save you time and a little money as well for everyday eyeshadow.

  2. When setting your concealer with translucent powder, dust your lashes with the powder as well to help amp up your lashes. By the time you get tot he mascara step in your makeup routine, the powder will add some grip to your mascara and gives more volume to your lashes. I know this one sounds crazy, but just trust me! 🤪

  3. Find a moisturizer that has sunscreen already mixed in. You’ve found a pot of gold when you find a non-greasy formula moisturizer that has sun protection already included. Thus cutting down on your time of applying 2 separate products. Of Course Mary Kay's Timewise Day Cream is at the top of my list, but here's a list of the 12 Best Moisturizers with SPF, According to Skincare Experts- Good Housekeeping

  4. CC Cream is your best time saving, triple duty cosmetic item! Most CC creams perform several tricks in one- hence the name -color correcting cream.

These instantly blurring creams provide multiple benefits in just one product including primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, brightener, concealer, coverage, blurred texture, and even tone correction. That's at least 5 products in ONE! Adding a CC cream to your stash will save you time on applying multiple skincare items and blending foundation and concealer til your arms hurt.

5. When time is stretched thin or space is limited in your makeup bag double your contour palette for eyeshadow! As you sweep the contour shade down the sides of your nose for a snatched effect, sweep the contour shade into the crease of your lids. Then add the highlight shade from your palette to the brow bone and inner corners of your eyes for a simple everyday, glowy eyeshadow look! Voila!

Woop woop! You just saved yourself a pretty good chunk of time and freed up space in your makeup bag! Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these tips and how they worked for you! Back to Mompreneuring I go!

For more tips, tricks, inspiration and #Glambition join the community of women in my Facebook group: Get Your Glambition Up with Mikaya Dionne

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