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Makeup Trends For 2023

  1. No makeup makeup look. Barely their foundation is making a comebacks. For the last few years we’ve been stuck on heavy coverage foundations, but we’re moving back towards foundations that are more lightweight & skin like.

2.Statement lips. This one is my personal favorites to rock because a bold lip with a flawless, natural face is everything. It’s easy, quick but beautiful and it can go from day to night. Your lips are the statement. And it gives you the opportunity to be bold without the commitment of bold all over.

3.Metallic eyeshadows are making a comeback! It used to be an unspoken rule in makeup that you couldn’t overdo it with metallics & shimmers on the eyes, but the rules are definitely changing. I kinda blame this one on our obsession with AI, fairies and the extraterrestrial l, but more and more brands are giving us metallic eyeshadow palettes and you’re seeing a lot of the who’s who rocking the look. I still say it may be much for an everyday look, but hey play around and have fun with your evening looks.

Pat McGrath @PatMcGrathReal

4. More blush. Thank goodness! So many of us have shied away from blush simply because we’ve seen it applied incorrectly so we’re afraid of even trying it, but once applied correctly and in the right place, Blush can be your best friend. It adds dimension and life back to your makeup. Blush has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, with blendable cream options and more-is-more application methods making cheeks (and eyes and the bridges of noses) romantically rosy.

5. Winged eyeliner. I don’t think this trend will ever go away, because it definitively adds character to the eyes and it’s a fun way to add drama, but recently with the help of platforms like TikTok the wing eyeliner is here to stay.

Are we giving the girls more drama all 2023? Or are we popping out with an everyday slay? Can't wait to hear what the girlies are into this year!! Comment below your favorite go to for 2023!

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