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Milani's NEW Lip Care Line REVIEW + My Lip Care Routine

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Hey Hey Glambition Insiders!

I'm back! It's been a while, but thanks for being supportive during my mini sabbatical! 🙏🏽😘

While I was away, I managed to survive MY LEAST favorite seasons- Fall & Winter. I am not a lover of cold weather at all. Anyhow, I traveled a lot to Atlanta, GA and New York City and braved the bone chilling temperatures during a few of my model development sessions. Now, we all know that cold weather brings a change in skin care. For me, my skin is much dryer and I have to all that I can to constantly keep it moisturized. Especially my lips. I've always experienced extreme dryness on my lips throughout any season, but winter is the most brutal. I'm constantly in search of products that will keep my lips smooth and provide lasting moisture.

While in NYC braving an awesome week of model training, open calls, New York Fashion Week and freezing days in the snow, my normal routine wasn't getting the job done.

On my down time, while scrolling through Instagram (of course I'm a social media junkie) I noticed Milani had released a new lip care line including a sugar scrub, lip balm and several natural oil infused lip treatments. In desperate need of a solution to my problem I set out on a hunt for them and by golly I can honestly say they're my new BFFs!!

Now, usually I'm very leery of lip scrubs because they can sometimes be too abrasive and cause more damage than good to my lips, but not this one. It boasts a total of 7 different oils in its ingredients, so it IS more on the oily side than most scrubs, but it still gently smoothed away the rough dry skin with the sugar granules.

✨My tips:I apply the scrub to my lips and scrub with my finger back and forth 2 times a week usually at night after I've washed my face and gently wipe away with a warm, damp rag. I literally feel a difference as soon as I'm done scrubbing.

I follow up with the Milani Keep IT Smooth Luxe Lip Treatment which is a thin oil enriched balm that provides instant moisture to dry lips. Just like the scrub, it's comprised of Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Jojoba, and Argan oils as well as Shea Butter which helps to smooth out any unsightly lines and wrinkles. It feels, smells and applies amazing!!

On days where I just want a natural glow and glossy lips I'll top my lips with the Moisture Lock Coconut Infused Lip Treatment.

As a person who experiences chronic dry lips and LOVES her liquid lipsticks these products hit the nail on the head! I've FOUND my holy grail! The Milani Keep it Sweet Sugar lip scrub, Keep it Smooth Luxe Lip Treatment and the Moisture Lock Coconut Infused Lip Treatment have become my beloved trinity to beautiful, supple lips!

Click the links, cop 'em, try them all and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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