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Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe to Early Fall

Fall is officially here, but here in FL it’s not quite time to pull out the heavy scarves and jackets just yet! Our Fall transition is a little different, but still cause for transition. Here are a few tips to slowly transition your summer wardrobe into fall!

1. Repurpose & Layer Your Summer Dresses

We’re not quite ready to pack up your summer dresses of June and July, so with a few clever tricks, your summer dresses can be just as suitable for the early days of fall – all it takes is some tactical layering!

To add extra insulation to smock dresses, tiered dresses and even some midi dresses, try layering a polo neck top or a long-sleeve shirt underneath. It may sound crazy, but this adds dimension to your look and it’s an effortless way to transition your dresses for cooler… not yet cold weather. I recommend choosing lightweight layers to ensure they sit comfortably together. You don’t want the layer to be too thick. Also, play around with your layering by mixing up your necklines. It’s ok to not be so matchy!

2. Add In Some Fall Themed Colors

We all know that every season has its colors that inspire our fashion choices and Fall is definitely one of those seasons that has a very rich color palette. The oranges, burgundy, deep greens and browns are signature.  Luckily, there’s no reason why your summer shades can’t be worn throughout the rest of the year.

To update your outfits for fall you can pair the neons of summer with warm-toned knits in contrasting colours. For example, a neon orange dress can be transformed for fall with a burgundy cardigan and ballet flats. Wearing bright clothing with neutral knitted jumpers in beige, cream and sand can similarly mellow the colour scheme for September and October

3. Add Textures To Your Layers

Think of ribbed sweatshirts, knitted jumpers, jersey cardigans and denim. These can all add texture to your summer wardrobe thus adding warmth for the cooler temps.

4. The Perfect Transitional Shoe

For that perfect summer-to-fall shoe that gives you the best of both seasons- styles like miles, slingback sandals, ankle boots or peep toe booties. These designs can easily pair well with transitional outfits.

5. Bring Out A Lightweight Jacket

One of the most noticeable differences between summer and the start of fall is that you suddenly need to carry (and occasionally wear!) a jacket. It’s not time to pull out that winter coat just yet, but to transition your jacket should be lightweight enough to fold over your arm or wrap around your waist for that afternoon heat during the fall. Think denim jackets, longline dusters, utility jackets and double-breasted blazers

Just remember to style your outerwear with the zip and buttons undone to let your summer wardrobe enjoy a few more weeks in the sun!

6. Switch Up Your Accessories

An easy, budget-friendly way of transitioning to new seasons is to refresh your accessories. This can be as simple as switching your summer boho- woven bag for a black mock croc design or wearing a black belt around a floral dress. Choose more fall inspired (colored) accessories that have texture like burgundy suede tassel earrings, leopard print belts, etc.

Have fun with it and welcome to fall!

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