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Being a professional in any industry, you're required to stay competitive. Not just competitive in skill and ability, but in personal branding and packaging.


"Self presentation helps potential clients, business partners and employers remember the best of you, first!" 


For some professionals, this doesn't always come easy. From professionals in the preforming arts, to the boardroom, to the on- the- go entrepreneur, Mikaya Dionne assists in making your presentation and total packaging polished and appropriate for your area of expertise.

Executive Image Consulting


In today's business arena, being highly credible in your area of expertise is simply not enough to remain competitive. In the business and professional world, self packaging and presentation plays a major role in your success. Mikaya Dionne assists clients from entry level professionals and company executives to entrepreneurs with presenting a well rounded, polished and professional image. This consultation is sure to inspire the respect of clients and co- workers and give you the look to compliment your skill and credibility.



  • Maintaining Self Confidence 

  • Business Appropriate Grooming & Attire

    • Makeup for the business place

    • Wardrobe Selection

    • Hair Style Selection 

  • High Heel Training

  • Business Etiquette


Consultations are available for indiviuals as well as for corporate offices and small business staff.



"Look The Part"- Talent Image Consulting


You've memorized your lines from the script, but now it's audition time. There are 3 main things casting directors look for- 1. Skill 2. Personality and 3. Presentation. The "Look The Part" Intensive Training focuses on how to present the total package to those casting directors & record label executives. Presentation means- YOU MUST LOOK THE PART! 



  • Proper Audition Grooming & Attire

    • Makeup

    • Wardrobe Selection

    • Hair

  • High Heel Training

  • Articulation Training

  • Acting Training Referral

  • Voice Trainer Referral 


Consultations are available for indiviuals as well as groups.

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