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Crazy, Sexy, Cool Date Night Outfit

I honestly LOVE getting dressed up for date nights and I usually like to keep my date night outfits comfortable (for the most part), but it’s a must they have some sexiness to them.

One of my favorite Fall/Winter 2019 trends was all the neon fashions... especially the sweaters and turtlenecks! I'm totally into trends and love bright colors so of course I indulged in the neon trend!

One of my favorites I purchased while Christmas shopping for my daughter this past December was this neon cable knit sweater from the Wild Fable line at Target.

I actually bought one for myself AND one for my daughter to make me feel better about the purchase!😆

I took it for a cute spin on a casual, late birthday date with the hubby back in January. This particular date we were in Atlanta, GA and it was still very chilly out, so I needed to keep warm as well so I opted for the new neon sweater I bought myself for Christmas.

There's just something about neon colors and black that says crazy, sexy cool- which is why I chose the perfect pair of painted on faux leather leggings. They hug in all the right places and the painted on look definitely turns the heat up.

I topped it off with these super sexy booties with neon laces I found from ShoeDazzle (during their AMAZING end of the year sale for $20 🙌🏽) They actually came with TWO pair of laces- one black and one neon. I thought that was mega dope! Lastly, I added a simple pair of CZ studs, my fave accent stacked bracelets and makeup.

For makeup, I stuck to my usual everyday face and kept it mostly nude. No eyeshadow, but with a more dramatic contour and lashes. I balanced the look off with a flirty, pink/nude gloss and a little highlighted glow on the high points of my face. See... CRAZY, SEXY & COOL!

Checkout my Everyday, Anytime Makeup Routine Tutorial video here!

Because date nights don't come as often as we'd like, I was so into him 🥰 and very present in the moment of our rare date night in a completely different city, I only took a few selfies to commemorate, but here’s the roundup of the look!

Here’s my sexy date night look:

Neon Green Cropped Sweater- Wild Fable - Target (similar here, or here)

Let me hear your #GlambitionTalk! What are your thoughts on this racy, date night look? Would you rock it?

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