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Honesty, Discipline & Consistency... Getting Back to Purpose

It's been 2 years since my last blog post, but the entire time I was gone I felt guilty. Yet again, feeling guilty for starting something and not finishing. How many times have I done this before? Too many for my liking. Its one of the things about me that I like the least. I have grand and amazing ideas, put them in motion and lack consistency and discipline to keep them going and growing. Before, though, the recognition of that flaw wasn't there. I blamed everything and everyone else for my shortcomings. The kids, their schedules, lack of focus, time, depression, my lack luster home, lack of inspiration... and the list goes on of the excuses.

However, the problem wasn't any of those things. The problem was ALL ME.

My husband often says to his audience when he speaks, "Be honest to the person of your dreams. Be honest to yourself in where you are and be ready to work. If and when you recognize something, be ready to do the work." I reeled in disappointment for my inability to manifest the things I said I wanted. However, In my moment of honesty, I realized I was the one blocking me from from what I wanted. I was the one with the lack of discipline to simply sit down, organize my thoughts and do what needed to be done to make MY desires manifest. Honesty is where it all began.

Women possess an enormous amount of greatness, inspiration, a plethora of talents, skills and abilities to share with the world, but sometimes we allow everyone else's needs, desires and sometimes our own flaws to prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.

Here's what I've learned and how I got back here:

1. Just DO It! Silence fear, silence the distractions and all the excuses that keep you from doing what you know you should be doing.

2. Once you recognize what the flaw is and where you need to improve.. IMPROVE. That's it. Do the work to improve.

3. Get back to what inspired you in the first place. Remember why you started.

And that's why I'm back. I'm back because it wouldn't let me go. I'm back because I was inspired to inspire women to be great. I'm back because I remembered why I started- to empower women with the tools to walk glamorously and in complete confidence; to help women find the determination to do, be and become at all costs. Glambition is why I'm back. Thank you for waiting. 😊🙏🏾

Whew.... what a weight lifted. Now that I'm back, yall have my permission to keep me accountable! This is a journey and I know it will take every ounce of commitment to stay disciplined and fight to overcome old habits. I have a renewed excitement, a different perspective and I'm excited to introduce new parts of my life experiences, talents, and expertise with you. From motherhood to fashion and makeup to skincare and lifestyle.. I can't wait to share it all!

Let's #TalkGlambition! Have you ever started something and never finished it or weren't diligent to maintain consistency? Does any of this sound familiar? Sound off below. Tell me where you are in your journey back to purpose.


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