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Mikaya Dionne

Mikaya D. Warren – a woman of many talents, who holds many titles, is a woman on a mission! As a wife, mother of 4, model, public speaker, image consultant, model development coach and makeup artist, Mikaya has faced many challenges in life and has dealt with her share of obstacles, fear and feelings of low self-worth. From just a young child, Mikaya always displayed a love for all things beauty. She enjoyed styling hair, playing in makeup, and exploring style and fashion!

For the last decade, Mikaya Dionne has been an inspiring, game changing staple in her hometown community- Tallahassee, FL and beyond. Beginning her career as a model at age 12, Mikaya has walked the runway for countless high fashion shows including international designers at New York Fashion Week for 3 consecutive seasons (SS16, FW16, SS17) and designers including world renowned Nino Lettieri, Archana Kocchar, Madeline Stuart and several others.  Mikaya is the first model with alopecia to grace the New York Fashion Week stage. Mikaya has posed for countless photographers and has been published in several magazines, books, media, and news outlets. Throughout her career and her history of overcoming trying times with her experience with hair loss, she has since embraced her passion for empowering women to feel and look their best in total confidence.

Mikaya established an organization (My B.A.L.D. Is Beautiful, Inc.) in support and promotion of self-confidence and acceptance among women in the hair loss community. Living with hair loss, her journey to find herself and her confidence, independent of her hair and regardless of society's thoughts, incited a strong passion to help women do the same. Because of the culmination of these career and life experiences, Mikaya is well grounded and possesses an undeniable ability to connect with and empower women in the areas of modeling, beauty, self image and self-presentation. Mikaya is also owner and CEO of Mikaya Dionne Enterprises-a boutique consulting firm offering makeup artistry and education, image consulting, model development and women’s empowerment. In 2018 Mikaya launched Tallahassee first and only black- owned modeling agency representing children and adult women- The Mikaya Dionne Agency. Mikaya Dionne was named Trailblazer of the Year for 2018 by the Oasis Center for Women & Girls in Tallahassee, FL for her outstanding pursuit of passion and commitment to bettering the lives of women and girls in her community. Mikaya also graced the cover for the June - July 2018 issue of Tallahassee Woman Magazine where she shared her story of 'A Miracle Centered Vision'. Read it here 

In 2019 Mikaya was in search for something greater- a more impactful, tangible platform to reach womenm when she became a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Within one year Mikaya became a Sales Director and earned her first car. By year 3 Mikaya had earned 3 cars with Mary Kay with the 3rd being the iconic Pink Cadillac- making her the first African American in her hometown- Tallahassee, FL to earn it. Mikaya combines her skills as a licensed esthetician, pro makeup artist and image consultant with the iconic Mary Kay brand to transform and enrich lives. 
























Mikaya's primary objective is for women to achieve GLAMBITION- a phrase she coined which means- ‘the ability to glamorously walk in complete confidence; having a strong determination to do, be and become’. She helps women and girls gain, restore, and maintain confidence while refining their image for successful self-presentation in any environment; further advancing Mikaya’s mission. Mikaya achieves that mission through her work as a beauty consultant providing makeup artistry and instruction, image enhancement, wardrobe styling, personal and professional development and empowerment for women and girls. She has traveled the country sharing her testimony and message of confidence with various youth groups, schools, and women’s empowerment events. Wherever Mikaya goes, her message remains one of positivity and inspiration. Mikaya hopes her life will continue to be an encouragement to all women to do, to be and become in ANY circumstance.

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