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Makeup itself should always enhance a woman's existing beauty, as it is the finishing touch to the total package. Mikaya Dionne believes that a woman should always work beginning on the inside and finish with the outside. After you've completed the inner enhancement, a part of enhancing your self presentation is adding a makeup regimin. This doesn't always require an over the top look. In fact, most times your makeup shouldn't be over the top, however, it takes learning what works best for you and your life.


Mikaya Dionne provides a variety of makeup enhancement services to suit every woman's need for any and all occasions.

Makeup Artistry & Instruction

Get your Glambition up! Mikaya Dionne offers makeup application services for all occasions from prom to birthday & anniversary celebrations to family photo shoots or a fun night out on the town with friends! Read more to find out what's included!

Learn the proper techniques, appropriate brushes and tools as well as color analysis to achieve your perfect look! Whether you want to learn the latest trends in makeup, or master an everyday routine, Mikaya Dionne offers makeup education and instruction for all needs. 

Follow this link to stay in the know, register and join all Glambition events near you!

Congrats to the blushing Bride- to- be! You've set a date,  chosen your colors and theme and coordinated bridal party attire, but there's one important step left... choosing your makeup artist! Bridal Services by Mikaya Dionne is an exclusive experience that will leave you with a timeless, flawless finish to coordinate your walk down the aisle! Click below to find out more about what's included!

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