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“Be more than a model- a mere walking hanger; Learn to be confident and embrace your uniqueness and you become a treasure the world has never seen."

Mikaya Dionne

What is Model Coaching?

Mikaya Dionne offers private coaching, extensive model training programs, group training and workshops that give an inside look and extensive training to venture into the modeling industry. Modeling can be a daunting, intimidating and frustrating journey, but if you've been trained properly and you're aware of what to expect you may have a chance at a successful career. Mikaya Dionne has been a model for over 15 years and has experienced the ins and out of the industry. She has seen many ups and downs along the way, which is why her expertise can be trusted to prepare and coach others into greatness.


Learning Outcome

All sessions are hands on taught by Mikaya Dionne herself teaching skills in posture, runway techniques , working in front of the camera, make-up application, casting call/audtion preparation and much more! The most important outcome from working with Mikaya is the development of confidence.


"To be a good model you must be confident in yourself FIRST, confident in your skills and have the ability to make sound business decisions for your career."


Is Model Coaching for You?

Mikaya Dionne accepts models of all shapes, sizes, heights and ethnicity, beginning at age 5, who seek to increase their confidence and modeling skills in order to launch their career in the modeling industry.

Model & Fashion Industry Education

Knowledge is power! When you know all there is to know about the field you're entering, you're one step ahead of the game! Discover the differences between commercial, print and runway modeling, and see where you fit in. You'll also learn the terminology, process, who's who and do's and don'ts of the industry.

Casting Call & Audition Prep

Got your eye on that contract? Agency scouts and casting directors want to see models with lots of personality who can adapt to the role they're trying to fill. Mikaya Dionne can't guarantee you'll get the part as it is the sole decision of the staff holding the auditions, however, she takes pride in making sure you know just how to nail the audition, casting or open calls and will ensure you've presented your BEST self.

Hands On Model Training

To make it as a top model you must have a great walk, a great personality and be able to move in front of a camera. From movement and posing instruction for photo shoots to step by step coaching for a graceful and vibrant runway walk, you'll learn it all one on one with Mikaya and put your best foot and face forward!

Modeling Career Strategy

Are you ready to launch your modeling career? Mikaya Dionne teaches you the key elements to launching your career successfully, comprehensive employment skills and even provides agency and photographer information to get you started! 

Kick start Your Modeling Career with Mikaya Dionne!

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